2386289-justin-bieber-performing-Malaysia-617-409After Justin Bieber hinted at hosting and performing on “Saturday Night Live” on Twitter on Monday (Jan. 7), a source has confirmed to Billboard that the pop superstar will indeed be pulling double-duty on the long-running variety show. The Biebs will take over “SNL” on the Feb. 9.

Bieber previously appeared on “Saturday Night Live” in April 2010, in which he performed “U Smile” and serenaded the night’s host, Tina Fey, in a sketch:

Earlier this season, Bruno Mars served as the host and performer of “Saturday Night Live,” and artists like Christina Aguilera and Elton Johnhave pulled double duty on the show in the past. Maroon 5‘s Adam Levine will make his hosting debut on Jan. 26, with Kendrick Lamar coming in as musical guest.

Bieber’s appearance on Feb. 9 will be in support of his “Believe Acoustic” album, due out Jan. 29. The Biebs performed a stripped-down take on his hit single “Boyfriend,” along with two other singles, on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” last week.

Source: Billboard

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS — A campaign launched by family and friends to grant the wish of a very sick little girl met success Saturday.

Seven-year-old cancer patient Millie Flamm wanted more than anything to meet her favorite singer, Justin Bieber. Saturday she got the chance when she met face-to-face with him hours before his concert in Salt Lake City.

Millie was first diagnosed three years ago with Leukemia. A year and a half ago, the girl was supposed to be finished with treatment, but doctors told the Flamms the cancer had returned. Two weeks ago, they received the same news.

“This time she is definitely having a harder time,” said Millie’s mother Amanda Flamm. “She told her daddy twice with cancer would have been OK, but three times is just not fair.”

The family had bought Millie tickets to Bieber’s concert at Energy Solutions Arena, but upon the news of her most recent relapse and weakened immune system, they had to sell the tickets.

“It was hard to sell her tickets,” Amanda said. “We have even had the heart to tell her that she can’t go yet. She doesn’t know the concert is today.”

That’s when friends and hundreds of community members stepped up on social media to help her meet Bieber. And he heard. He said he had never been contacted by so many people in an effort like this.

Upon hearing of the girl’s story, Bieber agreed to meet with her.

“Justin Bieber is my favorite singer and I love, love, love him,” Millie said after meeting him.

Her parents were anxious before the meeting and didn’t tell her until just before he walked in to meet her what was happening. Bieber met privately with only Millie and her family.

Bieber sang her favorite song “Baby” and held her little hand. Then he gave her a kiss on the cheek. In true “Belieber” fashion, Millie told her mother she would never wash her face again.

“It was really sweet,” were the words Millie used to describe the moment, her mother told KSL in an interview.

“There is no way to say thank you to everybody that helped make this happen,” Amanda said. “…I have no words but ‘thank you’ and that’s not even enough.”

Millie has a long road ahead of her, but her parents are hopeful she will beat cancer for good. They hope to bring her home in about three weeks, where she can dance to all the Bieber she wants.

Source: KSL 

Justin Bieber looks poised to make 2012 appear like a walk in the park compared to what he has in store for 2013. The “Boyfriend” singer promises plenty of surprises, but also more time with fans and hopefully a foray onto the big screen.

“I mean, I think that we’re going to do some more touring and hopefully shoot a movie this year,” he tells Billboard. “A lot of great plans.”

Bieber’s massive “Believe” tour will keep him busy through at least mid-August, with a few weeks off in early February and a month-long break in May/June. He has long been linked to a movie project with Mark Wahlberg, but that film isn’t expected to start filming until early 2014.

As for specifics on what else is in the pipeline for 2013, Bieber is characteristically vague. “I can’t tell you cuz it would just defeat the surprise aspect of a surprise.”

He added, “There’s some great things that are gonna happen in 2013 that you guys are not even ready for.”

Bieber is performing at tonight’s “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.”

“I don’t have any New Year’s Eve traditions,” he says. “To be with the people that you love and just have a great time and party and celebrate the year that’s coming and the year that passed.”

Source: Billboard